Technology scouting

Let us identify new licensing opportunities on a global scale that best match your in-licensing needs

Identify in-licensing opportunities

Based on your company’s confidential brief we identify and scout small and large companies, incubators, startups, research institutes, government institutes and/or individual investigators for in-licensing opportunities, including new compounds, products and/or technologies in your requested development stages and disease areas on a regional or worldwide basis

We use a combination of our proprietary in-house company partnering database, external databases, conferences and our broad network for the identification of your potential in-licensing opportunities. Next to our corporate network we have direct access to worldwide technology transfer office contacts in more than 1600 different medical non-profit research organizations

Success cases

Asset identification for global top 10 dermatology venture followed by successful in-licensing. Strategic acquisition (> USD 20 million) after identification of regional pharma company focused on CNS disorders, dermatology and oncology for larger pharma company. Multiple year in-licensing asset scouting for autoimmune, dermatological and nephrology assets for Asian medium-sized pharma company

For our in-licensing services we request a retainer

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