Strategic partnering

Strategic partnering

Let us identify and connect you to potential global or regional partners for your out-licensing opportunities

Identify and connect

We identify the best matching business partners for your out-licensing opportunities, whereafter we can connect you directly to let you follow-up yourself or stay involved through the entire deal-making process to ensure deal closure

At partnering conferences we can represent you on a pay per meeting fee and connect you afterwards directly to potential partners to let you follow-up yourself

We use our proprietary in-house partnering database, next to external databases, conferences and our global corporate network for the identification of your potential business partners

To support potential partner discussions we write non-confidential flyers, (re)write and refine (non-)confidential slide presentations and key selling points on your out-licensing opportunities

We talk to decision makers within potential partner companies to check initial interest, coordinate introductions and timely follow-up, strategize about potential partners, how to structure transactions prior to the term sheet stage and support term sheet and definitive agreement negotiations

Succes cases

Completed > USD 265 million in regional and worldwide biotechnology and pharma deals and central in up to USD 1 billion worth of transactions for clients. Rewriting cell therapy proposition renewed interest previous partner resulting in multi-country licensing deal. Identified and secured worldwide antibody licensing deal with global biopharmaceuticals company. Identified and secured Latin American pharmaceutical partner for a European SME specialized in urologic oncology. Advised innovation intelligence service provider to large Fortune 500/1000 companies on their partnering strategy on more than 30 new projects, leading to several licensing deals. Secured top 10 South Korean strategic partner for CNS asset of a US Nasdaq-listed pharmaceutical company. Identification of top 10 China oncology company for US SME resulted in regional licensing deal. Our strategic collaboration with Lingmed Ltd. enables us to secure strategic partners for western companies wishing to access the China market and vice versa

For our partnering services we request a fixed hourly fee or a retainer and a success fee

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about our out-licensing services