Benchmark licensing deals

Benchmark licensing deals

Let us provide you with detailed deal financials to strengthen your business negotiations

Access detailed financial deal data

Based on your company’s brief we search our proprietary deal financials database on pre-commercial therapeutic products for licensing deals which can be useful benchmark tools in your market analysis, global or regional deal negotiations, presentations to potential investors, business plan preparations and IPO-discussions with authorities.

Our proprietary in-house licensing deal financials database was established in 1996 and since then focuses on licensing deal financials for pre-commercial therapeutic products. Our database solely displays licensing deals for which at least one financial component (potential deal size, upfront, milestones, research funding, profit sharing, royalties, equity) is available. Next to these financial components our database offers specific deal information on compound class, compound name, disease area and/or indications covered, development stage at deal closure, licensed territory and year of deal closure. Following our search we can provide you with a simple custom-made report with one-page overviews per deal containing the information described above for you to analyze yourself or an extensive custom-made report including our analysis.

You can be confident knowing that all data presented from our proprietary licensing deal financials database can be verified.

Successful approach

We supported a globally-focused Chinese biotech company on their IPO-discussions with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our simple reports have supported various US and European SME’s successfully in their licensing negotiations and presentations to potential investors.

For our benchmark licensing deal services we request custom-made fixed fees.

Please contact us if you need detailed deal financial data to strengthen your business negotiations.