• Licensable assets

    We identify and exploit licensable assets from life sciene portfolios of universities and other non-profit organizations

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  • Licensing partners

    We link early stage licensing partners with our Unpublished Pharma Patent Applications database



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  • University licensing deals

    We provide university licensing deal financials to benchmark upcoming licensing deals

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PharmaPlus Consultancy facilitates early stage (preclinical-clinical phase II) biopharmaceutical licensing deals based on strategic technology analysis and consulting, business development and deal negotiation. We uniquely combine our full consultancy services with technology scouting, university licensing deal database extracts and two distinctive online licensing databases.

Unlock commercial value

We help you to recognize, analyze and promote your potential licensing opportunities. We help universities and other non-profit research organizations to identify innovative (bio)pharmaceutical products and technologies that potentially can be commercialized.

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Find recent patent applications

Our Unpublished Pharma Patent Applications database offers unique information. We source early stage inventions with unpublished patent applications among research organizations worldwide and promote them to potential partners and investors.

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Find licensing partners

We provide worldwide partnering searches for third party products and technologies. With our broad network and proprietary in-house partnering search database we identify the best matching partners for your potential biopharmaceutical alliances.

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Valuate licensing deals

Our PharmaPlus Deal Financials database extracts and online company deal database help universities and companies to benchmark their upcoming licensing deals. We also provide custom-made solutions to support your deal negotiations and presentations to investors.

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