University licensing deal valuation

One of the prerequisites of university licensing negotiations is understanding the possible early stage licensing deal structures available and the financial impact of different deal arrangements. Furthermore, understanding the financial impact of upfront, milestone payments, sublicense fees and royalties on licensing deals can also be useful benchmark tools in the licensing negotiation process, presentations to potential investors and business plan preparations.

We have created the PharmaPlus Deal Financials – Research Institutes database, which focuses on biopharmaceutical licensing deal financials between non-profit research organizations and biopharmaceutical companies.

Our database solely displays licensing deals for which at least one financial component (potential deal size, upfront, milestones, royalties, sublicensing fees, guaranteed annual minimums, equity) is available.

Customized list of benchmark deals

We can provide you with a list of benchmark deals from our PharmaPlus Deal Financials – Research Institutes database, tailored specifically to your needs, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 licensing deals at USD 20 per deal / € 18 per deal.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your enquiry.

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List of benchmark deals