Patent portfolio analysis

We apply the PharmaPlus Quick Scan to determine if a patent application is still potentially promising and eventually can be brought to commercialization.

As a research institute you will not commercialize every licensing opportunity before the patent application enters the national and regional phase 30 months after filing. Before you make a decision on the funding of a next patent phase, it is of interest to investigate for what reasons patent applications have not been licensed-out.

Easy and cost effective way

The PharmaPlus Quick Scan method is an easy and very cost effective way to establish if your patent applications could ever be commercially valuable and yet how to potentially commercialize them.

We strategically advise non-profit research organizations whether or not to proceed with their patent applications. We also advise on additional research and on adopting alternative partnering strategies.

With our Quick Scan we already succesfully advised several technology transfer organizations on further commercialization. At one of the bigger tech transfer organizations we evaluated and advised on more than 60 patent applications within their patent portfolio. We advised on 23% of these applications not to invest any further, and on the remaining 77% to invest in research and/or adapt their partnering strategy.

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