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As a remarkable negotiator and experienced dealmaker PharmaPlus supports small and medium sized companies in their licensing deal negotiation process. Our expertise generates a premium in your deal value and enables a faster completion of the deal.

Depending on your requirements, we offer expert support to assist and guide you through every step of the deal negotiation process. We have succesfully established licensing agreements for our clients in the fields of autoimmune disorders, blood and forming organs, CNS-disorders, dermatology, infectious diseases, muscular skeletal disorders and oncology.

We negotiated deal financials and licensing terms with a big pharma company on an antibody platform technology. We successfully advised a start-up company on licensing of their oncology products. For a dental implant company we prepared the term sheet for their licensing negotiations.

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Our negotiation services contain

  • Input on confidential data package to start negotiations
  • Preparation of product and technology presentations for partnering meetings
  • Attendance of partnering meetings
  • Insight into details of comparable deals, deal structures and deal trends
  • Presentation of potential deal structures based on feasibility and achievability
  • Term sheet preparation
  • Negotiation of deal financials
  • Management of deal negotiations
  • License agreement/collaboration agreement negotiations support

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